Mobile Hack Day

its been a long time since i had a post on M*A*S*H and its nice to blog again.

Well yesterday, on August 7,  we had our HACK day and the theme was MOBILE.  I have participated in all flipkart hack days and i must tell you , they are simply awesome.

Last time the team ( Chetna/Anirudh/ Abhijat  & I )  went out to make Chota Minority Report (link here) and we had an awesome time. we won the Laziest but Effective Hack Award.

This time we set out to make something Different.  Since the Theme was MOBILE, we intended to do just that 🙂

How about making the MOBILE(noun) truly MOBILE (verb) !!!

Chetna & Anirdudh worked on the android app & Abhijat & I worked on the hardware.

We came up with 2 hacks.

The first is    Bhaag Mobile Bhaag  –  the mobile becomes mobile.


Bhaag Mobile Bhaag



as per the theme , we made the mobile truly mobile 🙂

We made a mobile app (which we can control remotely) and this app flashes light.

once light hits the censor, the vehicle (which we programmed) starts moving. once light stops, the vehicle stops.

A video of mobility below 🙂


The second is called  “App Suicide

app suicide

A simple idea – with the motto –  “Customer First“,  the app cares for the customer and it is willing to save on battery for the customer.

All in all , a great hack day and we had fun.

Team:  Chetna/Anirudh/ Abhijat / Vishnu

PS: we work in the data platform on project Bigfoot @ flipkart
















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