Graphing Amazon RDS MySQL Metrics with Prometheus & Grafana

Recently the mysql community got an awesome monitoring solution for mysql

with Prometheus & Grafana. The graphs are simply beautiful and really lively.

I started off with this nice post on the mysql performance blog  by Roman Vynar and got the solution up and running very easily.

You can actually monitor Amazon RDS instance with the same steps mentioned in the above post but with a few changes:


The monitoring framework consists of 4 components:

  1. Prometheus server on port 9090
  2. Grafana server on port 3000
  3. MySQL  exporter  process which connects to the MySQL Server
  4. Node Exporter process which gets system metrics of the box hosting MySQL



  1. Create an RDS instance.
  2. create an amazon ec2-instance. (this will host all the 4 components)


Component 3 & 4: – Node Exporter & MySQL exporter process :

Amazon _DOES_NOT_ allow us to install anything on the RDS box.

So, I am sorry we will not be able get the System metrics of RDS – please rely on cloudwatch / Rds console for load averages, cpu usage , io etc etc.

So Follow the steps as mentioned in the nice post BUT make the following changes,

  • Install the Node exporter & MySQL exporter processes on the ec-instance ,
    • So the ‘/opt/prometheus/prometheus.yml’ file will look like
    • i.e. you are now monitoring system metrics of the ec2-instance not RDS box !
cat << EOF > /opt/prometheus/prometheus.yml
 scrape_interval: 5s
 evaluation_interval: 5s
 - job_name: linux
 - targets: ['localhost:9100']
 alias: db1
 - job_name: mysql
 - targets: ['localhost:9104']
 alias: db1

But we need to tell the MySQL exporter to pull from RDS endpoint, so the

my.cnf file for MySQL exporter should be as follows:

[root@centos7 prometheus_exporters]# cat << EOF > .my.cnf


Component 1 & 2: – Grafana & Prometheus:

Just Follow the steps as mentioned in the nice post .


And walllaaaah…. you should be able graph Amazon RDS metrics 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.08.17 pm