my ppt @ percona live 2016

a Possible solution to handle deletion of shards in a stream with apache storm.


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a wild Supposition: can MySQL be Kafka ?

This is an idea which i presented at Percona Live 2015.

Is MySQL an avatar of Apache Kafka ?

Can it be Kafka ?

Yes, it can.

This talk takes a shot at modeling MySQL as Kafka.

PS: it’s unconventional, hence a WILD supposition 🙂

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 I made a small video for this presentation too.

My Own Video for Ppt

My talk @ Percona Live 2014

Will be giving a lightning talk at Percona Live 2014 – santa clara 🙂

In the world of replication, The Binlog is every ones favorite. 

But what about the Relay log, Don't you feel it can do more ?

Yes, It can. How about, if it can serve the purpose of the GTID 

feature without GTID.

#MySQL  ( alternative to GTID )  #gtid