My talk @ Percona Live 2014

Will be giving a lightning talk at Percona Live 2014 – santa clara 🙂

In the world of replication, The Binlog is every ones favorite. 

But what about the Relay log, Don't you feel it can do more ?

Yes, It can. How about, if it can serve the purpose of the GTID 

feature without GTID.

#MySQL  ( alternative to GTID )  #gtid


My First Google Doodle – very special to me :)

My First Google Doodle - very special to me :)

it gives me immense joy to share with you my FIRST Google doodle – which i drew for Bitsian day – Aug2 , 2013
[A global celebration for Bits-Pilani students/Alumni ]

i am SO HAPPY to share with you that this Doodle has received 400+ Likes on Facebook Bits page (BITSians for Each Other) .

Google had inspired me to take up doodling and Bits-Pilani – my Alma mater, is the reason where i am today.

This doodle truly is special to me 🙂

The L is taken over by the Old Clock tower at Pilani Campus and the O at the center has the Bits Emblem with its motto below which means ‘knowledge is supreme power’.
Note: This is not an official doodle of Google.